UK Visa Appeal

Advocacy and Representation (all categories).


In the event your application for entry clearance or leave to remain is unsuccessful, Tamsons Legal Services can assist you lodge an appeal against the ECO or the Secretary of State at the First-Tier Tribunal and represent you in an appeal at both the First-tier tribunal and the Upper Tribunal. 


When the UK Home Office or the British High Commission/Embassy refuse your application for leave to enter or remain, they will send you their reasons for doing so in writing and advise you whether the refusal carries a right of appeal, administrative review or not.

Where you are given a right of appeal, there are usually strict time limits for submitting an appeal. There are also different time scales for bringing an appeal depending on your particular circumstances.  The time scales are as follows:


  1. You are outside the United Kingdom, you are required to lodge your appeal within 28 days from the date of the decision.

  2. If you are in the United Kingdom but in an immigration detention – you are required to lodge your appeal within 5 working days from the day you received the notice of decision.

  3. If you are not in detention – you must do so within 10 working days (14 days in total) from the day you received the notice of decision.

  4. Many Immigration and Asylum appeals now require a fee to be paid before the Tribunal can determine them.

  5. If your appeal does not reach the Tribunal by the required date you must explain why your appeal is out of time. The reasons will then be assessed to decide whether there are special circumstances that will allow your appeal to proceed.


Tamsons Legal Services has the expertise in drafting strong legal grounds of appeals, witness statements and putting together excellent appeal bundles for hearings. We will also offer you high level of professional legal representation at a very reasonable cost. We can represent clients in all appeal tribunals in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.