Why use Tamsons


The UK Immigration and visa application process can be a minefield for anyone not completely up-to-date with current legislation and policies. At Tamsons Legal Services we have made it our business to know and stay abreast with the changing rules and legislations in order to offer comprehensive advice and achieve favourable results for all our clients. Many people have the mistaken belief that by simply surfing the internet for information about UK immigration, they can find sufficient information to enable them lodge their applications at UK Border posts abroad or the Home Office and get successful results. At Tamsons Legal Services we believe that every case is different and therefore, every application needs to be diligently compiled together with all the relevant supporting documents and a well drafted covering letter if success is to be achieved.

Where applications are lodged by inexperienced people without the necessary professional training they often result in refusals and consequently in costly and or unsuccessful appeals.


To avoid any such disappointment and expense we recommend that you contact us before lodging any application for entry clearance or leave to remain. By taking a dynamic approach to each and every case and using our extensive knowledge of the law to an applicant’s full benefit, we are sure to deliver good news to our clients at all times.


We place an extremely high value on all our clients, and will work hard to maintain a courteous and high quality service at all times.



OISC Registered Advisory Service


Tamsons legal Services is (OISC) Level 3 Registered


It is a criminal offence to provide immigration advice in the UK unless you are regulated or exempted by the OISC. The Office of Immigration Services Commissioner is responsible for ensuring that all immigration advisers fulfil the requirements of good practice.

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